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Warehouse of Contemporary Art

The Warehouse of Contemporary Art

  An art gallery also known as WOCA has been in Anaheim since October of 2003. Started by Anaheim businessman and artist Robert Holton as a way to bring local artists together to share their art. 



Art by it's nature, is as varied as the human experience. Creating art to some will be a personal challenge to hone ones skills as a draftsman. To others a respite from the daily grind as a weekend hobby. The art experience can even, in other cases, manage the mending of ones heart/soul. Art is for others life itself. Art has for each a different road to travel. Art is within us all, as an observer as a creator, together becomes art. It is to be created and it is to be experienced. Art is created in it’s simplest to the most elevated forms, every day by just about everyone, and goes on like the breathing of our collective human consciousness. It comes not only from the gallery sanctioned artists or the anointed ones that have the publics gaze. It is not only found on the inside pages of a polished art magazine or the captured paintings in some far off museum. Art is all around and in the streets the spirit has been broken free from those walls. For those that choose to, the possibilities are endless.


  Those that do pursue this creative spirit, from any of it’s many paths, will ultimately be creating for themselves. Art is, most times, a very selfish thing. Creating what pleases himself the artist will challenge his own aesthetic. And the artists creative moments spent alone creating will reach a state of completion. The finished piece of art can now be presented to himself and the world. A moment that will bring a sense of satisfaction, and for some a need to create the next piece.


  And now begins, 'ART' the life to be shared to be experienced. The completed piece of art, his work and creativity needs to be shared and enjoyed (or hated) by others. Only then will the art he has created live to it’s fullest potential. Sharing the artwork/creation is the hardest part for some beginning artists, and even others that may have been involved in creating art for years.


  Having a place that can be used to develop the skills in presentation and also of salesmanship is an important part of this creative ART endeavor.


  This is most times a very limited experience in any community, as was the case in Anaheim. Galleries that keep the doors open, driven by art sales, are there to serve a purpose and they will manage to do that very thing. Students and other artists that have little to no experience within the gallery setting are not likely to find wall space in an art gallery struggling to make those sales that keep the doors open.


  This is where WOCA fits within the community, the gallery experience for those willing to share what they have created. We have been successful in providing an environment for artists within our community to experience and to grow their ART.

Please stop in and see what WOCA has put together for our next opening.



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