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Warehouse of Contemporary Art




Until further notice WOCA shows in Anaheim have been canceled.
Please check back for information as public health policies are updated. Thank You

Online Show

Due to the Corona Virus WOCA is going to have to cancel our regularly scheduled June 13, 2020 show.  

As a substitute we are proposing a WOCA online art show.  It won’t be the same as a live WOCA experience.  The WOCA community needs to express our art.  Express ourselves.  Share our talents.

Please submit your art in any form you wish:  Photographs of your work.  Links to your work.  Video of your work.  With audio commentary or not.  Audio stories and explanations of your work.  Expressions of your feelings as a working artist during the pandemic.  If you are a video artist, submit video films.  If you are a musician, submit either a video performance or an audio performance of your music.  The main objective is to present all the many facets of a WOCA show.

We are going to use the WOCA You Tube channel to permanently post the show.  Our channel is:  WOCA TV. 

Please submit your work to us at:  wocaart@gmail.com

There is no charge to participate.  This is not a theme event.

Please submit you work by Saturday June 20, 2020.


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